Terms & Conditions

Clause One

  • You attend the free 90 minute workshop on Sundays,
  • You show up for class, The First Photo I Class is Free,
  • We try to teach you something about photography,
  • You try to do the required photography assignment,
  • You spend a week thinking about if the class suits you,
  • You show up for the 2nd class and give us a check or cash
  • We continue to try to teach you about Photography,
  • You try to do the required Photography assignment
  • You show up for Lab and we teach you how to print ink jet prints,
  • You show up to class, we continue to teach you about Photography, This happens for seven weeks and you show up at each class & Lab,
  • After seven classes and six labs 6 hours a week, Learning occurs ,
  • Laughter is heard, friends are made, you know a little more about yourself and life than when you started,
  • You go on to other classes or you move on with your life a little smarter.