WithInSight Gallery

WithInSight Gallery is for showcasing our student and staff photographs only. Around here we say, "if you come once a week for class and once a week for lab, you'll be on the walls within nine months."

This year (2014) I have been teaching photography for 45 years. I remember the celebration we had when I was at my 30th year anniversary party. I remember thinking "where did I ever get the idea that I was afraid of commitment?" and "I guess I figured out what I'm going to do when I grow up."

This gallery is a showcase for Photographers who started out learning photography with this program, usually in a Photo I class. I have had over 25,000 students during my years as a teacher. To the extent that a student reflects their teacher or teachers, I look at these photographs and think, "not bad", I have not wasted my time teaching all of these years.

You may have heard someone say "be careful, don't believe your own PR." What I'm most proud of as a teacher is my ability to not turn my students into clones of myself. Part of the way that I've done that is because I don't show or use my own photographs in my classes. I do not hold up my work as examples of excellent photography. Human nature is to imitate what you think is good. In the back of a student's mind, they might be thinking "if I do it like him, then I'll get it right." And everyone wants to "get it right" (me, too).

What am I most proud of? I am most proud of the fact that when one of my students, show their work, they have started to find their own "artistic center." If I've done my job, they are not anybody's clone, they are their own person.

As you look at this work you will see many different styles. My only part in the work is that I was there at the beginning of their photographer's journey. I was only there at the start. No one would stand up and say, "I taught Lance Armstrong how to ride a bike, because I put the training wheels on his bike when he was a kid."

These photographs are the work product of my students. That I was there at the start doesn't mean anything. The work is all theirs, the product of many hours of emotional angst and hard work. A good photographer does not take a picture, a good photographer makes a photograph. And so behold their work.

Richard Stromberg ;-)


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Our LED lighting is balanced for 5000K (daylight) and the lights don't emit any UV or IR which are so harmful to color and black & white prints. This allow the prints to be "color fast."