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It's Fun, Social and Instructive

Take Advantage of Our Free Camera Buying Service, So When You Do Buy a Camera You Will Make An Informed Decision.

This class may be rescheduled if enrollment is below the required minimum. If you are registered for a class that is rescheduled, you will be notified by the prior Thursday.

Are you thinking about moving from your mobile phone or point & shoot camera to a DSLR? Starting a family? Baby on the way? Winter vacation coming up? Thinking about a gift of a camera for someone special but not sure which one would be right for them? Maybe you would just like to know a little more about DSLR, "digital" photography?

This just might be the evening for you. This class is designed to be fun and social as well as instructive. The first hour consists of a meet and greet with your instructors and fellow students while you snack on delectable wine and cheese and peruse the photographs showcased in the WithInSight Gallery.

During the second hour, you'll jump into learning about the esoteric numbers and abbreviations on your camera and how best to manipulate those features to get the photos you want. Finally, the last hour consists of an open discussion about cameras and equipment, which is a great time to pick the brains of the pros (and your classmates) to find out what you'll want to see under your Christmas tree. Don't have a DSLR camera yet? We will have a camera for each of you to use and we will include Photographic Thinking for no extra charge, LOL. ;-)

A minimum of 8 students and maximum of 20 students is required.

If you are using YouSwoop or GroupOn, a valid promo code is required.

If this class is rescheduled because enrollment is below the minimum, you will be notified by the prior Thursday.

As always – Laughter Will Be Heard  &  Learning Will Occur. ;-)

Class Info

Class Length

3 hours


Richard Stromberg


$50.00 for one person
$90.00 for two people
If you are using YouSwoop or Groupon, a valid promo code is required. Please present a printout of your coupon on the night of your attendance

Class Size

Minimum of 8 students and maximum of 20 students

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RS-CPC is a Chicago family owned and operated enterprise. Richard taught his first class in the fall of 1969 and has enabled more than 25,000 students over one million hours of learning for over 45 years.


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Laughter Will Be Heard and
Learning Will Occur.

— Richard Stromberg


If you are a product of your environment... choose the environment you wish to become a product of.

— Richard Stromberg, June 1964

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