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Continue the Photoshop adventure


Photoshop 2 continues our exploration of Photoshop, begun in Photoshop 1.  We continue to learn additional techniques and tools to further advance our photos and graphic competence.  In this course, we will examine typographic design, using Photoshop’s tools to create words in and around our photos so they can be used in reports, flyers, greeting cards and any place our creativity takes us.  We will learn about vector drawing techniques, where we can select and scale elements without losing detail. 

Advance compositing techniques will be introduced and studied, to create combinations of photos and to add or remove elements to images.  This will be followed by learning to use the Mixer Brush tool both with and without photos. 

We will explore editing video in Photoshop, so we can create animations and short videos with accompanying voice overs and music.

Finally, we will study the Photoshop print controls, similar to “soft-proofing” in Lightroom plus learning to prepare images for the CYMK printing process.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to fully operate within the Photoshop environment and will have a better understanding when proceeding to the Post Processing Mastery (Photoshop III) and Black and White Artistry courses.

Class Info

Class Length

7 weeks


Federica Ghidelli
Jim Welninski



Class Size

Minimum of 6 students must enroll for this class


Completion of Photoshop 1 or consent of Instructor


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