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What You Will Learn in Photo III and Beyond

Students in Photo III start to pull together the cumulative knowledge and experience gained thus far from Photo I and Photo II classes. The seven weeks of Photo III will challenge each student to apply their photography skills to a creative project for the duration of the class. The goal is to continue your development as a photographer with special emphasis on your creative and critical eye.

Students will pick a theme or subject that will be the basis of the their assignments. Each week students will photograph to that specific theme. Assignments for lab work will involve refining the photograph that will be printed and presented for a round-table analysis, review, and critique in class. Not merely "what you like and don't like", but more attention will be given to photographic thinking,"what could be done differently in capture of the image to improve it?" and -- what tools can be applied as a part of post processing to ensure that your showing the best print of your photograph?

The class will also introduce additional photography tools, that at this stage of their development, students will want to consider adding to their expertise. This includes some specific Photoshop routines that are commonly used by digital photographers, as well as different lenses and other camera accessories that expand creative potential.

Photo III is a prerequisite for any students who desire to take the "Show Class". Up to this point many students have focused on shooting for a specific exercise to support their learning in Photo I and II. Photo III students will be building a body of work based on a given subject, which lays the foundation for preparing a body of work for "show "presentation.

Other Art Centers try to impress you what they and others have done...
We want to impress- with what we will teach YOU to do

Laughter will be heard  &  Learning Will Occur ;-)

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Dominica Fisher
Nick Sinnott
Rick Katz

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