Classes At A Glance

Annual Bake-Off

Free 90-Minute Camera Workshop

This energetic lecture is often imitated but never equaled. Our weekly free 90-minute workshop was designed a few years ago to teach people about their cameras. Starting each Sunday at High Noon (12 PM), this 90-minute workshop will keep your attention.  We include Photographic Thinking in all of our programs; the only accent here is on learning.

Legal Issues for Photographers

Explore legal issues photographers must understand to protect themselves and their businesses.

One-Day Digital Photography Boot Camp

This Boot Camp is for people with a DSLR camera who do not have the time for full seven week classes, but have a desire to at least get started. If you don't have a camera, we will provide you with a Nikon D-70 (or better) and a fast lens (you will learn what that means). These cameras have a Depth-of-Field preview button and a lens with a Depth-of-Field Scale. These two vital features are what you need in order to be sure you have in focus the parts of your image you want in focus.

ON1 Photo RAW – Basics and Beyond

One-Day Photo Workshop For Kids

Photo I: A Seven Week Class

Photo I is a comprehensive class about the fundamentals of photography. You will attend once a week for class and once a week for a computer lab. While digital imaging is new to photography, "digital" refers only to the way the image is captured and stored. Digital chips replace film. Most of the other facets of photography are more than 150 years old. You'll discover the meaning of shutter speeds and f-stops and how to stop motion or let a "subject's motion" blur in just the right way.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: How to Start a Photography Business

We have a friend who has made his living from his photography over the years. And during the last two years with photographers going out of business weekly his workload has almost doubled. What sets him apart from many of the other photographers is that he knows how to do business, he understands how imagery is used by businesses (and how to produce it), he understands "Photographic Thinking" and moreover he understands the discipline of doing business.

7-Week Macro/Close-Up Photography Class

The Macro/Close-up class is taught twice annually.  The flexibility of this class allows for instruction and assignments to be tailored for each student's individual needs and level of experience. The class will take four or five hours of time, each week, for seven weeks. This includes two hours of lecture/class time, and two to three hours for planning and shooting  assignments. Each class will have a lecture by the instructor with a relevant shooting assignment for the next class. Shooting assignments may be completed at any location.

Creating The Whole Image (Photo 4)

A new class for students who have successfully completed Photo 3 designed to help you succeed in both photographing and printing the very best images possible.  

Event Team

Real world experience with photography clients.

First Thursday Night Group: Steal Like an Artist

Where do you get your photography ideas? Join this self-directed group and learn where ideas often originate.

Food Photography

Food photography from basics to the complex, investigating the varioius genres.

Introduction to Architectural Series

Join this 7 week exploration as Angie teaches archtectural guidelines that will take your images to the next level.

Introduction To Architecture Composition

Light and Lighting: Taking Control

During the first four weeks of class, we will focus on lighting problems and their solutions. Our subjects will vary, including reflective surfaces, rectilinear objects, cylindrical objects, transparent objects and others the students may suggest during the course. The last three class sessions will be devoted to low-light photography, including one class in the field recording images in various lighting conditions.

Lightroom In-Depth

Photo II

Digital Photo II  continues photographic thinking beyond regular through the lens (TTL) metering to learn methods that are more precise with exposure and color. Much of the curriculum will focus on techniques to improve technicallly. Histograms, grey cards, color temperature, white balance, and light meters are just some of the lessons we will cover in Photo II.

Photo III

Students in Photo III start to pull together the cumulative knowledge and experience gained thus far from Photo I and Photo II classes. Students will pick a theme or subject that will be the basis of the assignments and apply photographic skills to it during the seven week class. The goal is to continue development as a photographer with special emphasis on the creative and critical eye, including a round-table analysis, review, and critique in class.

Photography, Wine and Critique

Enjoy an evening of photography and displaying your images.  The wine is good and the atmosphere is friendly.

Photoshop 1

Learn the details of Photshop while developing skills to polish images beyond Lightroom.

Photoshop 2

Continue exploring Photoshop learning additional tools for type, 3-d and advanced brushes.

Portraiture and Lighting

Portraiture and Lighting is a seven-week class intended for students with some previous experience in photography. Concepts of aperture, shutter speed, film ISO, etc. should be mastered prior to enrolling. But lighting is only a part of the intricate puzzle. Each week, students are given an assignment that deals with a particular technical variable. The class examines the details in all aspects of portraiture, and we ask questions about much more than technical issues.

Show Class

What we say around here is, "If you come to class once a week for class and once a week for lab, in nine months you'll be on the WithInSight Gallery Walls." Part of the nine months is this 14 week Show Class.

Two Day Workshop: Drips, Drops & Illusions

Join us in a Two-day workshop to learn to the basics of splash photography and create stunning images with items found in your house.

Women’s Photography Forum Third Thursday

Join this women's only self-directed forum to excpand your photographic horizon

Architecture Workshop

A 2-day intensive workshop creating fine art architectural photographs.  Both the field work, on the first day, and the lab work, on the second day, will be guided by Jin Welinski, an international award winning photographer, who is a graduate of our classes.

Beyond Comprehension

Take your understanding of photo post processing beyond the level of comprehension and into the realm of mastery.  We are taught a lot about how to shoot, what to shoot, what angles to use.  We are even taught what tools to use, when to use them and how to use them.  However, we are rarely taught how to take those things we understand to the pinnacle of knowledge.

In this workshop you will take your comprehension of photo post processing to the pinnacle.  To do this you will dive deep below the tip of the iceberg and retrain yourself to truly understand what it is you are doing and why you are doing it.  With this knowledge you will be able to take any photo workflow to the next level.  You will work more deliberately, target areas of your image with pristine accuracy, and create an efficient workflow that removes the guesswork.

Black and White Artistry

An intensive journey into black and white photography using Lightroom and Photoshop while discovering your own photographic "voice".

Hard Core Photo Critique

David Joel has critiqued hundreds of students' photos professionally. His comments are never judgemental, but rather full of visual and technical information.

Photographing Hidden Chicago

In this workshop, you’ll spend two fully packed days learning how the pros photograph these places. These aren’t spots you can go back to if you don’t get it right. So go with professionals and get it right! There will be plenty of tips on composition and camera settings to ensure that your photos are great. In addition to the architecture, we’ll be shooting at sunrise and also in the city at night. You can attend any of the sessions.

Post Processing Mastery

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