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Other Art Centers Try To Impress You With What They And Others Have Done…

                      "We Want To Impress – With What We Will Teach YOU to Do”

Nice turn of phrase but what does it really mean?

Other places display the work of accomplished Photographers. Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Classes is about enabling people to achieve the accomplishment of being a Photographer.

Other Art Centers Want to Impress You With What They And Others Have Done…

They do this by displaying the work of acknowledged and accomplished photographers, most of whom have spent years of work to achieve their proficiency.

“We Want to Impress – With What We Will Teach YOU To Do”

For 45 years, Richard Stromberg's Classes have been the center of serious photographic education, we have endeavored to have the curriculum and a culture that promotes the ability to learn and accomplish good photography. We emphasize what someone needs to know to pursue their goal of being a good photographer. We provide the foundation necessary for someone to engage in a process of life long learning, a foundation that enables them to navigate the vast array of technical and artistic considerations to achieve their goal. We inform students about what is important and encourage them to learn from mistakes by introducing a critical processfor learning. We also encourage students to share their mistakes so classmates will learn from them as they will learn from others.

We want our students to learn from each other’s successes and share their experiences with each other. We are honest about our views and express them without malice or prejudice. All of this takes time and a lot of work. We help our students “focus” on what is important so they will achieve their goals. We provide all of the facilities necessary to achieve those goals and a culture that promotes their achievement.

We provide the teachers and curriculum required for students to succeed and reach their goals. The results of our work are displayed on the walls of our WithInSight Gallery and on our website’s on-line gallery. We celebrate our students’ accomplishments on the home page of our web site in the form of a rotating slide show and in our classrooms on 65 inch plasma displays that are “on” 24 hours a day, year around. Success is dependent on the students work ethic and discipline. We discourage our students becoming dependent on one teacher. We encourage students to be dependent on each other. Our goal is for our students to become self sufficient and our teachers to become “enablers” of self sufficiency.

Decide for yourself if you think our photographs are any good. If you work for it, you too can be in a show and exhibit in our gallery. Our classes will give you the foundation necessary to achieve the skills you will need to display your work anywhere in the real world. Read "Why We Print" and "Road To The Gallery Walls" on our website.

Become part of our photography community where teachers, staff and program participants are all students of photography. Our teachers teach as part of living a balanced life. A life that does not take more than it gives. A life that gives without remembering and takes without forgetting.

Laughter Will Be Heard & Learning Will Occur ;-)