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Why Our Classes Are Different

Don't let the big windows and high ceilings elsewhere, fool you! It's What Happens In The Classroom That Counts!

Why do you get more for your money here? What is value? Is it all just about price? Well . . . Not Quite!

We don't follow the "health club" business model. You know the one. They take your money up front, and if you don't stick with it, that's your problem. With Photo I, our first class is Free. Always. And if you don't like the experience, No Salesperson Will Call. We don't fill our classrooms with as many people as the room will hold. No "coach" seating here, (three abreast, aisle in the middle). We include Photographic Thinking in all of our classes (no extra charge LOL). No slide shows of other peoples work either, our classes are about your work. The only person that ever learned anything from a slide show is the person that produced the slide show.

It takes teaching experience and attention to detail to be sure everyone in the room "gets it." For more than 30 years, our ratio of 1 teacher for every 5 students in our Labs, has been the most effective teaching model. You are not just another body; we pay close attention to each student, and if you're having trouble "getting it," we'll spend as much time with you as necessary.

Our computer facilities are spacious, including large widescreen monitors. Stop by to tour our facilities: two computer labs, with 30 computers (PCs and iMacs);  ten "best in class" archival Epson Printers, a Lighting Studio; large classrooms, and our "WithInSight Gallery" where we have student shows twice a year. We provide all Photo I students with their own 50-sheet box of archival paper for their prints, with notebooks and handouts, at no additional charge. We have ample Free parking seven days a week. Photo II & III students have 24-hour, seven-days-a-week access to our facilities.

You see, this is a community of people focused on learning and teaching Photography. No elitism, no attitude, no rules or restrictions that get in the way of learning. No "membership" fee. Our students & staff have no restrictions on which paper surface they use, matte, glossy or even Fine Art. Finishing our classes will give you real skills to use on your journey of lifelong learning. Attend classes once a week, along with a weekly lab session, and in less than nine months you'll be ready to participate in one of our group shows. Our "WithInSight Gallery" is not for others, our Gallery is for showcasing and selling our students work and the work of the Teachers and Photographers in our community. Our WithInSight Gallery is open 24 hours a day to the general public.

We don't have rigid hours. We stay as late as we need to after class and we open each day hours before the classes begin. In Chicago each Photo I class is taught by the same teacher so if, "life gets in the way", and you cannot make your scheduled class, you may attend any other class in the same week and not fall behind. Every student gets extra time if they need it. We are available to students seven days a week, at times that are convenient for you.  All prospective students are encouraged to attend our free 90-minute workshop, offered each weekend, before they sign up for classes. Our first Photo I class is free, regardless. No salesperson will call.

At  Chicago Photography Classes, our only accent is on learning! We won't try to sell you a "membership," or caps and t-shirts with our logo. We won't ask you for contributions, or charge you to attend a Show Opening party and no meaningless certificates. We will teach and work with you, in a safe and nurturing community, where you will learn something every time you walk through the door.

We include Photographic Thinking in all of our classes (no extra charge LOL).