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Where Do I Begin?

Your first step is attending a Free, 90 minute workshop held on Sundays starting at 12 PM (High Noon).

"Other art centers try to impress you with what they or others Have Done... We want to impress – with what we will teach YOU to do."

At this workshop, as part of our introduction, you will get a sample of what our classes, our teaching style, the WithInSight Gallery and the other students.. All of this is Free, no charge.  If you don't know what kind of camera to buy, we will help you understand where to start, new or used and what the costs might be.

After attending a Free Sunday workshop, you will be in a position to make informed decisions about how to proceed with your photography journey. It all starts when you walk through our doors.

We have the exact curriculum that will lead you to your own “Artistic Center” and from there - to gallery walls. Our classes can give you the skills and experience needed to exhibit, all within a year or less. For over 45 years Richard Stromberg's Photography programs have been the center of serious photographic education in Chicago. First with Film and now with Digital, Richard's programs have worked with more than 25,000 students, enabling more than one million hours of learning. Photographs that are suitable for gallery walls are also suitable for inclusion in a photographer's portfolio. Showing portfolios is how photographers get work..

Are you just starting out, thinking, "I can't paint or draw" but "maybe, just maybe I could learn how to make photographs." If you don't know anything about photography, but want to learn, Chicago Photography Classes are where to begin.  If you put in the time you will be able to exhibit, too.

Everyone has a chance to find their own "artistic center" here and make it to the WithInSight Gallery with your own original Photographs. They are original because we help you focus on your work and not the work of others. Check out the photos for yourself, they are displayed on our WithInSight Gallery walls and on our on-line Gallery.

Become part of our photography community where teachers and staff and Program participants are all students of Photography. Our teachers teach as part of living a balanced life. A life that does not take more than it gives. A life that gives without remembering and takes without forgetting.

Laughter Will Be Heard & Learning Will Occur. ;-)