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Mission Statement

We are a community centered on photography.

At Richard Stromberg's Chicago Photography Classes, we teach you how to get it right in the camera in the first place – "Plus". What's the Plus? We don't just develop images we develop people through Photography. And that's our Mission.

The journey from "Photo I" through to "exhibiting" in a show is one of challenge and personal growth. The operation of the camera will be demystified of course. More importantly you will learn to see: To see light, to see expression, to see the juxtaposition between yourself, your subject and others. On the journey to a group show you will gain perspective of yourself and others. You will be part of a group of people whose concern is for you to do your best, and your concern will be, for them to do their best.

We will provide you with a solid platform and resources that you will use for a one-person show – and on your journey of lifelong learning. Teaching is not our hobby, or part time job, teaching for growth is what we do, it's who we are. "Learning will occur."

We are a Community Center in the spirit of Jane Addams who opened her Hull House settlement house in 1889. We don't have a Hull mansion but we don't need one. Jane Addams moved into a community and spent her life working for the betterment of the community and its people. One of the outcomes of that work was organized art programming in public schools. Jane's viewpoint was "art ennobles the soul". That was over a hundred years ago.

We started at Jane Addams Center/Hull House, teaching photography and always looking to help people use their photography skills for self awareness – to use photography to better understand themselves and their friends and family. To use their photography to be more aware of their neighborhood and neighbors, to reveal and share their viewpoint and insights about the world around them.

The heart of the photography program is the volunteer instructors. They are highly motivated women and men who teach so they can share their knowledge with others. They in turn were taught by volunteers, and those volunteers were taught by volunteers and the chain goes back to 1969. Sharing with others what was shared with them.

Chicago Photography Classes exists because of the help and generosity and work of many volunteers, WeI THANK THEM.