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From Zero To Gallery Walls Within Nine Months: Thank You For Checking Us Out

This is what we have to offer you. If you have never taken a photography class before we think this is the best place in Chicago for you to start. Go from zero to gallery walls within nine months...

Starting with our Free 90 minute workshop held each Sunday at 12 PM (Noon) at our Ravenswood address  and then in Photo I we will start to demystify for you the DSLR (digital single lens reflex). You will learn about shutter speeds, f-stops (aperture), correct exposure, and composition for photography. Using our computer lab you will make black & white proof sheets and enlargements (8" x 10" prints). You also will learn a little about law and ethics and what happens psychologically to someone when you point a camera at them and what happens when someone points a camera at you. This will take about 9 hours of your time each week for 7 weeks. Laughter will be heard. See the Photo I curriculum.

Seem like a lot? It is. Don't worry we have some medicine for that (discipline, effective teaching and hard work). There's more...

In Photo II, you will learn how be very precise about exposure and white balance and how to use "histograms." You will continue to learn the "language of photography." You will also complete three "lighting" assignments (in ancient Greek, photography means "painting with light") and you will continue to refine your printing as you start to print in color. There are critiques each week and you will also have access to the computer lab 24 hours a day for the entire 7 week class session. In spite of your mego, learning will occur. Read more about Photo II.

In Photo III, you will continue to refine your archival color printing. Under the tutelage of our resident artists, you will start to work on self assignments. The heart of this class is the weekly critique session where all class members work in dissecting their photos. You will participate in the development of the other class members' work as well. Over the course of the 7 weeks you will start to print your assignments on different types of paper and at different sizes (8.5" x 11", 13" x 19", 24" x 36"). Many students attend these 7 week Photo III classes for more than one session working on "self assignments" as they continue their quest to join the "show class". Laughter will be heard & learning will occur. Read more about Photo III.

The Show Class is a 14 week class that concludes with a two or three day "Show Opening." In this class you will make 6 exhibition-quality archival prints, you will learn how to dry mount and cut matts for photographs. You will be taught how to frame photographs. You will be shown and accomplish the preparation of gallery walls. You will also learn how to measure and compose gallery walls, and how to light the gallery to best show off the work (a little secret, the prints are judged using the same kind of light as the light that is used in the gallery). Read more about the Show Class.

The show opening will attract about 300 people for the Friday night opening party and many family members and friends for the Sunday daytime opening. You will attend both events and be able to talk about your work to everyone that attends. You will be able to invite all of your friends and family. You might even sell some of your photographs. The other people in the program will help your celebration by contributing mostly home made refreshments that are served at both events ( a kind of "pot luck"). Our guarantee to you, Laughter will be heard and your learning will have occurred. ;-) See the WithInSight Gallery.

After you complete and participate in a Show you should be able to go into any space and know exactly how to prepare the walls, compose the walls, light your show, print archival exhibition prints, matte and frame your prints, design an invitation, stage a opening party and maybe even sell some photographs.

We are the only Photography Program in Chicago that can guarantee: If you attend class once a week and attend lab once a week in nine months you will be on the gallery walls. You will work for it, but you will be there!

Please visit our WithInSight Gallery located at Withinsight Hall, 4001 North Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago. See the work of our students after their nine months of classes.

No time to go somewhere to view photographs? Access our on-line gallery. Our online gallery has student photographs from our Photo I, Photo II, and Photo III classes. You will also see the current show and past shows as well as some former students' work. If you are not convinced you may e-mail anyone who has photographs on the site and ask them about their class or show experiences.

Attend one of our Free Basic Camera workshops held on weekends. If you don't have a DSLR we will have one for you to use.  Check out our "Up-town Learning Without the Downtown Price Tag" when you do... "Laughter Will Be Heard & Learning Will Occur" .

At Chicago Photography Classes, our only accent is on learning! We won't try to sell you a "membership," or caps and t-shirts with our logo. We won't ask you for contributions, or charge you to attend a Show Opening party and no meaningless certificates. We will teach and work with you, in a safe and nurturing community, where you will learn something every time you walk through the door.


Other Places In Chicago Try To Impress You With What They Can Do...

We Want To Impress You - With What We Will Be Able To Teach YOU To Do  ;-)

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