What Kind of Place Are We?

Richard Stromberg pioneered the principle: ...if you are a product of your environment, choose the environment you wish to become a product of... And thus it is so.

Brigid Gallagher

Richard Stromberg's Chicago Photography Classes is a program designed by many dedicated photographers, each with a great desire to understand and share this new, ever-changing and evolving digital universe.  They are passionate about sharing knowledge and mentoring people just starting out to learn photography.

Chicago Photography Classes prides itself on being "student centered," were for you, which means that we listen as well as teach. Teaching is not our hobby, or part time job, teaching for growth is what we do, it's who we are. The heart of the photography program is the instructors. They are highly motivated women and men who teach so they can share their knowledge with others. Sharing with others what was shared with them. We encourage mentoring and tutoring because sharing knowledge is a critical part of learning.

After completing the initial course, Photo I, a student has a very solid foundation on which to apply lifelong learning in the field. Over the years, Richard has taught more than 25,000 students. Some have gone on to make photography their life's work, some students have started part time photography businesses from their homes, other have used their new photography skills in their work. Many former students have sent their adult children to learn from our classesm. Throughout the years two things have remained the same about our classes: Laughter Will Be Heard & Learning Will Occur

Other Art Centers try to impress you with what they and others have done...
We want to impress  -  with what we will teach YOU to do.