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Sign up for classes now and begin your own unique photographic journey. Free 90-Minute Camera Workshop Take advantage of our free camera-buying service so that when you do buy a camera, you will make an informed decision. We will save you money! FREE WORKSHOP EVERY WEEKEND. Photo I: A Seven Week Class The first class is FREE! Evening and daytime classes available, too - many different classes to choose from in Highland Park, Lakeview/Ravenswood and Downtown. Photo II Keep the photographic learning going! Photo III and Beyond… Keep the learning going even more! Sign up for the next session now. Show Class Your work will be displayed this fall during the Ravenswood ArtWalk! Sign up now for this class that will get you on the WithInSight Gallery walls. One Day Workshop: Drips, Drops & Illusions Join us in a one-day workshop to learn to the basics of splash photography and create stunning images with items found in your house. One-Day Digital Boot Camp, Minimum 8 Hours Offered once a month, June through August. FREE parking, DIVVY station across the street (and brown bag lunch). Detachable On-Camera Flash Shed some light on your photographs. Offered Tuesday evenings. Sign up now! 5-Week Close-Up Photography Class This flexible course is tailored to each student's goals and experience. Portraiture and Lighting This class examines the details of all aspects of portraiture, and we ask questions about much more than technical issues. Sign up now! Saturday Date Night Photo Class Thinking about buying a camera this spring? Attend our 3-hour date night filled with wine, cheese and photographic learning. You'll learn about cameras, lenses and the four factors of correct exposure. We'll save you money when you do buy a camera!

Richard Stromberg

Richard Stromberg

Young Richard from the "dark"-(room) ages!

Richard is the preeminent award-winning photography teacher in Chicago and has devoted more than 45 years to his students. He has worked in photography since 1964, including catalog, fashion, advertising and editorial assignments. And he founded the renowned Jane Addams Center/Hull House photography program in 1969. Read More.

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Richard Stromberg's Chicago Photography Classes (RS-CPC)

RS-CPC is a Chicago family owned and operated enterprise. Richard taught his first class in the fall of 1969 and has enabled more than 25,000 students over one million hours of learning for over 45 years.


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Laughter Will Be Heard and
Learning Will Occur.

— Richard Stromberg


If you are a product of your environment... choose the environment you wish to become a product of.

— Richard Stromberg, June 1964

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